Conquer all of the hexagons on the map! In, you will battle for territory. You can draw curved lines to connect the surrounding areas to your base. If another player touches your lines, you will lose everything. Keep expanding without any interruptions!Inspired by, the new cool IO game Superhex brings improved graphics, wide color palette and more fun into a primary version. Unlike other popular IO games like or, in Superhex io you don't have to eat other players. In your goal is to conquer as many hexagons on the map as possible by closing it with your colored trail and connect it back to your existing territory. Each block in Superhex io is worth 1 point and occupies 0.003% of the map. You will win the game if you conquer the whole map, namely if you territory reaches 100%. Even though you are unable to see your position on the map, you know how much you have already occupied. But be careful, if another player touches your trail you will loose and start all over again. Much fun!Join now and have fun!