is yet another fun and intense multiplayer .io game in which you must control a dot and attempt to expand its size by eating enemy dots! Whilst most .io games of this type simply allow you to keep expanding, every time you level up in Dotz your dot resets its size and you must start expanding again. Each time you level up, the outer limit of your dot increases. Keep moving to collect dots and watch out for your enemy - you can get eaten by a dot with a larger mass so be careful. Also avoid conflict when your own dot is nearly ready to level up otherwise you could face a foe that is much larger than you within the blink of an eye. Try to dominate the arena and make a huge dot - can you top the leader board? is developed by Clown Games. ControlsMove your mouse to control your dot, left click to boost speed.Try to watch out for the surroundings, especially when you confront with many opponents at the same time. Start your challenges in this IO game now and see how long you can last!
Use the mouse or arrow keys to control your character. Move around and eat smaller dots to grow. Use space bar or left click of the mouse to boost your speed.

Much fun! Join now and have fun!