Every user has to face different brutes and also they have to defeat them in order to hit the leaderboard. After becoming bigger brute you will be able to increase your level and you will become a unique brawler. If you need a guideline about the brutesio game then you have to imagine it with punching instead of cells. After you join Brutesio then it will throw you among other users and you have to punch them as much as possible. After becoming bigger you will transform into another character that is Bahemoth. There is another problem with a bigger one that you cannot move fast after becoming a giant. You will be a weak person for small enemies.Smash, pound, stop, punch and kick your way to victory by destroying those smaller than you. Collect the drops from your fallen enemies and watch as your brute grows to epic proportions. Watch your step though as one wrong move can land you right back where you started where it will be you running for your life! Can you prove your strength and become the strongest brute around?Join and have fun now!