is one of the most popular online fun games. With an extremely simple gameplay but it is very addictive that you have to face many people in the war.
The mission of the player in is to knock all of their opponents out of the screen, trying to maintain their position carefully and avoid strong colliding with their opponents. The final player will be the winner.
Guide to play game
Use the arrow keys to move. To move the speed faster, hold down the arrow key.
Use the key X to make yourself heavier to withstand the strong forces from the opponents.
Hold down the key X before colliding with the opponent, as it causes your force to decrease.
Features, characteristics of
Use the in-game level editing features to select the map to create your own world.
Use quick play to quickly join the game and set up the game according to the player's preferences.
Players can fight with many of their friends or anyone from anywhere, as long as your opponent uses a computer with an internet connection.
Many people can play together, maximum 8 people.
Can play thousands of levels created by the player..
Please invite your friends to play the game, there are many interesting things waiting for you to explore.
Have fun playing the game!
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